Welcome! I am a Twin Cities based senior, family and newborn photographer.  Let's see, a little about me ...

The most important thing about me is that I have 3 beautiful children and the most wonderful husband. Other random facts about me . . Our family loves to ski both in the water and on the snow. I love to run but only if I have a friend to run with because chatting makes it more fun. I've lived in London and Merida, Mexico.

But really, you should know why I want to capture your baby, child, senior and family in an image. It's because . . . I LOVE PICTURES. I love how one photo can take you back in time. How a single image of that squishy baby face can help you remember what it was like to hold them against your chest, even though they now run out the door to play with friends. How the infectious smile of a child frozen in a print, can help start a conversation with "remember when . . ." How an image of your graduating high school senior conjurs up a slideshow of memories. How a photo of your family, wow, your family . . . l want to give you these images that will mark a moment in time forever to hang proudly on your wall and archive with your most cherished items. 

Can I help you hold on to what matters most? Contact me here or email me at tracy@tracycaffreyphotography.com. I look forward to talking with you!