Fresh 48 Sessions


A Fresh 48 Session artfully captures some of the first moments of baby's life with mom and dad in the setting where they are welcomed into the world.  Sessions take place within the first 48 hours after baby arrives.

Your Fresh 48 Package includes:

  • A Pre-Session Consultation to discuss our communication and session plan for your Fresh 48 Session
  • Digital Downloads with a Print Release of every image in your final gallery (minimum of 40 images) so that you can have a complete story of baby's first snuggles, cuddles, and moments spent with mom, dad and siblings
  • A 5x7 Spiral Album showcasing every image in your gallery to be able to share soon after your session with family and friends who come to meet your newest family member.  Each image is matted and bound for one complete collection.
  • Social media sneak peeks posted within 48 hours of your session to be able to quickly share your joy with those you know and love

$399, which includes the Digital Downloads with Print Release*

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"Jeff and I keep looking at the Spiral Album you gave us! We notice something new almost each time! And it's amazing how we now have those moments saved forever!"

- Amy, Rosemount

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Fresh 48 Session Questions and Answers


What is included in the Fresh 48 Package?

A Fresh 48 Package includes the session itself (approximately 1 hour), a 5x7 Spiral Album of every image in your final gallery and a high resolution digital download of each of those images (minimum of 40 images) with a print release allowing you to print the images at the printer of your choice.  You do have the option to order birth announcements, any of my wall art options, prints, and products but no additional order is required.

Why should I book a Fresh 48 Session?

When you are first welcoming your newborn into the world there is a flurry of activity.  Doctors and hospital staff in out, family and friends visiting, new schedules to remember and information to sort through.  A Fresh 48 Session lets you take time to absorb those first cuddles and snuggles and documents them all for you!  After your session you will have a beautiful 5x7 Spiral Album of those magical times and the digital images to archive.  They cliche is true that they do grow so quickly and a Fresh 48 Session documents this memory-worthy time all for you.

Is a Fresh 48 Session the same as Birth Photography?

No, a Fresh 48 Session takes place typically 12-24 hours after baby is born so mom and dad have time to rest before their session.  It does not document the baby's birth but the memories after their birth as they get to snuggle into their parents and meet family. To see some of the images we capture during a Fresh 48 Session, check out my Fresh 48 Gallery.

When should I schedule the session for my newborn?

It is best to get your baby's due date on the calendar at least 3 months in advance but please feel free to contact me for availability if your baby's due dater is coming up quickly.  As Fresh 48 Sessions include very fast turn times so you can see your images quickly and be able to share with family and friends soon after baby is born so I am only able to schedule a set number of Fresh 48 Sessions each month.

Can I buy the digital images?

The Fresh 48 package includes a Digital Download with Print Release of every image in your gallery (minimum of 40 images).  With the Print Release, you may print your images at the printer of your choice for personal use, including as gifts to grandparents, aunts and uncles, and for that special spot on your desk.

How do we book a session?

Just contact me here or send me an email at to get the ball rolling.  I try to answer any inquiries within 24 hours.  If you haven't received an email reply, please do check your "Other" or "Junk Mail" folders in case your email provider sorted it out incorrectly.

I look forward to hearing from you!