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I recommend Tracy for your senior pictures because she gets to know you and you aren’t just one of her clients - you are a person she truly cares about. She is great with making things personalized to you and making sure you get the location and vibe you want. She is flexible and willing to go through the obstacles to make sure you get amazing senior pictures that you envisioned. She makes communication easy and you are never wondering "so what next?". She walks you through everything. I loved it all!

- Lauren, Rosemount High School
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer

I felt so nervous going in front of a camera when I first booked with Tracy but my Consultation with her changed everything and I felt so at ease with my upcoming session. We got to talk and she got to know a little bit about me and she was able to capture who I truly am, a smiley upbeat person!  The thing I loved most was my image reveal! Instantly I loved my pictures! I was so happy leaving that session because senior pictures are a stressful part in your senior year but with Tracy she made it the least stressful part!

Kiah, Rosemount High School

Tracy made every experience we had together nothing short of amazing! If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change anything. Tracy is so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. My favorite part about the senior session was the session itself! I loved how fun it was getting photos taken of me and how pretty Tracy made me feel!

- Paige, Eastview High School
Eastview High School Senior Pictures Photographer
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer

At the Consultation, Tracy meets with you to talk about outfit options and the “theme” that you want for your session. She listens to what you say and finds the perfect place for your pictures! She is an amazing photographer and I am so glad that she was there for my special day!  The locations she suggested were just beautiful.  I also liked looking at the photos afterwards with my family and seeing how emotional it made them.

- Hailey, Rosemount High School

Tracy makes the senior picture experience so EASY!!! Tracy guides you every step of the way, starting with what to and not to wear, including accessories. She has recommendations for good locations based on what you are looking for. The actual photo session is a ton of fun and the time goes by so quickly. Then the part I was dreading the most, making decisions on images. But, Tracy has a process that makes that easier as well. The images are amazing so it is hard to choose, but she helps based on what you are wanting to purchase. I thought I would be so stressed from choosing the outfits to selecting the image for the wall - but it was so FUN and not stressful at all.

If you want amazing pictures of your senior - choose Tracy. You will not be disappointed!!

Michelle K, Parent at Rosemount High School
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer
Lakeville High School Senior Pictures Photographer

Tracy made me feel comfortable doing something I had never done before. The photos turned out like exactly what I wanted all thanks to Tracy’s help. :)

- Maya, Lakeville Senior Pictures

“Going into senior photos, I was nervous about how comfortable I would feel posing in front of a camera with someone that I had just met. However, Tracy made me feel very comfortable and made my senior picture experience is one that I will never forget! I think senior pictures are something that you want to look back on and remember for a long time. Tracy made my senior picture experience so much fun! It is so important that you feel confident and happy during your session and Tracy allowed me to do just that!"

- Maddy M, Rosemount High School
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer

"Tracy made the whole senior picture process easy despite an early snow. She was flexible and worked with us to wait for the perfect day! It was a fun day for my daughter and us - watching behind the scenes. The pictures turned out better than we could have expected and yet her process of finding the best ones was easy. The value is very fair. She is an incredibly  talented photographer, and just as important, knows how to engage seniors and bring out their personality. I highly recommend."

- Holly, Senior Mom
Twin Cities, MN Senior & Headshots Photographer

Tracy has a talent and true art that can’t be taught, it just is.  I literally sat there crying with emotion at the beauty of every single photo during our Image Reveal. I looked at the photos and knew Tracy captured in images the essence of who my daughter is.  Yes photographers can find a great background and lighting, but Tracy has a way about her that is one of a kind and special in capturing the person and spirit underneath.”

- Sharon, Sara’s mom, Rosemount High School
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