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Your online images are a critical tool to make a great first impression.  In today’s social media heavy, visual world, your online profile pictures say a lot about you with just one glance. Your images should state something about who you really are and why people would want to work with you.  They are a huge piece to helping you build your brand. Sometimes though you might have different audiences and your images should be able to speak to those specific needs. A personal branding session gives you the opportunity to have multiple images that you can use to fit your needs.  Your images should (and do!) communicate your story. What do yours say?

Headshots? Or more than headshots?

Would a personal branding session or a headshot session be right for you? It depends on your business needs and what you need your images to portray? Some times you do just need a clean, simple headshot that you love for your LInkedIn profile and social media presence.  An image where you crop out your spouse out of a cell phone picture your friend took just won’t do.  Even though it’s used more sparingly, you still need to show the real, confident and trustworthy person that want your audience to know.


Many times though one image won’t fit all your needs.  You might need to show multiple sides... the professional but approachable, the serious, the relaxed and confident, the fun and friendly or even the athletic and strong.  For a personal branding session, we discuss all the different ways you might use your images and plan out how we will capture each of these pieces so you can have a set of images to meet all of your different needs.

Your Personal Branding session includes:

  • Consultation to discuss a plan to best highlight you and your brand

  • Approximately a 90 minute session to shoot a variety of outfits and images for your needs

  • Preparation Guide to assist you in getting ready for your session

  • 7 High Resolution, fully-edited images with a usage license



Your Headshot session includes:

  • Consultation to discuss your image needs and what to wear

  • 2 High Resolution, fully-edited images with a usage license


“Tracy really helped me prepare for my personal branding session by walking me through the entire process including giving me some extraordinary tips on what outfits I should bring to help me accomplish my goals for my images. I was still nervous though the day of the session because I wasn’t sure what to do or how to pose. I shouldn’t have worried at all! Tracy expertly guided me through the whole process and after getting started I forgot about being nervous and had a great time working with her. I am thrilled to have professionally done images that truly represent me.”


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