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Client LOVE

Read what others say about their senior portrait experience.

I feel so confident when Tracy is behind that camera. It’s not just posed smiles you see, it is very genuine. I definitely recommend Tracy for your senior pictures if you want to feel confident and comfortable in front of the camera. 

Tegan H


I loved my session with Tracy. For me taking pictures can sometimes be awkward, but Tracy made me feel so much better. She helps suggest poses and locations, but also makes it personal to each person. She also tries to get to know you in order to make you feel more comfortable and because she cares. Tracy wants to make sure that your session is perfect and how you want it which is so important because it makes you feel heard. 

Raegan M


I loved having Tracy as my senior photographer. I never felt comfortable in front of the camera and struggled to take good pictures. It felt so natural with her. She knew exactly how to have me pose and would talk to me while taking photos so it felt like she was a friend.

Lauren M

Copy of Girl-senior-pictures-in-eagan-3.jpg

One of my favorite parts of the experience was the Image Reveal because it was fun to see how the photos turned out and I loved seeing my mom's reaction.

Chloe M


Tracy is the best! Don't be nervous and be yourself! Tracy always brings out the true you and makes things not awkward at all. Be yourself! Tracy walks you through everything! She really is the best and I couldn’t have asked for anyone else to do mine!

Lily S


I chose Tracy Caffrey Photography because I had seen past senior pictures sessions she had done and I fell in love with how the pictures turned out and how professional they looked! My favorite part about working with Tracy was how fun and creative she was during my session!

Morgan H


I recommend Tracy for your senior pictures because she gets to know you and you aren’t just one of her clients - you are a person she truly cares about. She is great with making things personalized to you and making sure you get the location and vibe you want.  She is flexible and willing to go through the obstacles to make sure you get amazing senior pictures that you envisioned. I loved it all!

Lauren B


Tracy made every experience we had together nothing short of amazing! If I had to do it all again I wouldn’t change anything. Tracy is so kind and helpful throughout the whole process. My favorite part about the senior session was the session itself! I loved how fun it was getting photos taken of me and how pretty Tracy made me feel!


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