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Ava | Rosemount Senior Pictures

When we sat down for Ava’s consultation for her senior session, I asked what kind of feel or vibe she wanted for her senior pictures as I always do with each client I work with on their senior session. Ava then talked about how she wanted a mix of both buildings and other textures as well as some nature.

Rewind to a few days before Ava’s consultation when I was in St Paul for an appointment. I had extra time before I needed to check in so I went to Caribou for a coffee. As I pulled into the parking lot, I looked across the street and saw some some interesting architecture. I ordered my coffee and went to my appointment but kept thinking about the buildings across from the Caribou so I went back to check it out. It was a gorgeous spot with old brick, black iron fences, incredible archways, modern lines and some beautiful flowers all in one spot.

Okay, back to Ava's consultation, I pitched an idea of meeting at this new spot and then going to a park where we could capture more of the nature she look also wanted as a part of her session. She had wanted water (what's more Minnesotan than a lake) and I knew we could also capture some of the beautiful golden hour images she also wanted. Ava and her mom were game so we finalized where and when to meet.

Check out some of Ava's senior pictures, I am so glad she trusted me to bring her senior picture dream to life.

"You need to take your pictures with Tracy because she always makes you feel comfortable when taking your photos and she makes the process so easy and fun." - Ava W.

Q&A with Ava, Rosemount High School Senior:

What are you most looking forward to senior year?

I’m looking forward to my last season of Rosemount High School hockey and hoping for our best season yet.

Who has been your favorite teacher so far?

My favorite teacher I've had is Mr. Peters, a history teacher at Rosemount Middle School in Rosemount. He always made class fun either by swinging his baseball bat around the classroom or calling me out for not saying global was my favorite subject.

Where do you like to hang with your friends?

My friends and I really like to go to the end of Pilot Knob to watch the sunsets and also just to walk around.

What's your favorite restaurant?

My favorite restaurant is Blacktap; it's in Las Vegas.

What is your advice for incoming freshman?

My advice for incoming freshman is to not overthink things, I know it’s a big school but in reality it’s not as scary as it seems.

Tracy Caffrey Photography is a high school senior portrait photographer based in Rosemount, Minnesota. Tracy loves working with high school seniors to design the perfect senior session to showcase their personality and style. Although based in Rosemount, Tracy photographs on location and creates photoshoots around the Twin Cities area including Edina, Minneapolis, St Paul, Eagan, Apple Valley, Lakeville, Northfield, Farmington, Hastings, and Burnsville. Learn more about Tracy, learn more about senior pictures for girls and guys or contact her about a session.


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