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Dear Class of 2020

I have been blessed to get to know several of the amazing students in the Class of 2020. They are great kids who are looking forward to celebrating the end of their senior year with parties and proms and graduations. My heart goes out to them as they’ve seen spring break trips canceled, sports seasons ended, and concerts postponed. They can’t even get together with their friends to go to the coffee shops to take selfies or do tik toks together or go to the mall. I’ve seen my own kids go through canceled dance competitions and lacrosse seasons. It’s heartbreaking. For the Class of 2020 it’s even worse. But . . .

. . . here's my note to the Class of 2020 . . . I know the Class of 2020 is bright and resilient and strong. I encourage you all In these tough times to Choose Joy. Find new ways to stay connected with friends. Look for ways to help others in need. Be leaders of keeping your community safe and healthy. Focus on relaxing a bit too as you have all been under such stress. Choose Joy. I know the heartbreak is going to trouble you as your situation breaks my heart but I know you have the strength, leadership and fire in you to Choose Joy.


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