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Grace| Rosemount 2023 Senior Pictures

To capture everything Grace wanted for her senior pictures, we needed to bop around to a few different places. We planned it all out during her Consultation, which is included in each of my senior session sessions. I am so thrilled Grace chose me as her senior photographer.

"I loved just being able to go to an area where I wanted to do my senior photos and just being able to walk around and find different places for different pictures. I loved having the opportunity to do this because I got so many different kinds of pictures and they weren't just the same backgrounds but with different poses."

-Grace, Rosemount High School Class of 2023

Grace was also on my Class of 2023 Senior Crew so her May senior picture session was perfect timing to capture the blossoming trees. I think my favorite part of her photo session though was when we headed to the Rosemount High School stadium to take her cheer pictures. There was also an elementary track meet going on that night so we worked around the little runners to still get what we had planned for this part of her senior session. As we were on the track, a group of little girls passed us to get ready for their next race. They were quite in awe of Grace and her pom poms and cheer uniform. One little girl then spoke up, "Are you a real cheerleader?" she asked Grace a little wonderstruck. Grace then smiled at her and said, "I am." Then another little girl asked if she could touch her pom poms, which of course sweet Grace let her.

"I loved working with tracy, I loved the fact the we figured out what I wanted for my senior photos and where we were going to do them weeks before my actual session so I could plan my outfits. Some of my favorite pictures we took were pictures we didn’t even plan on taking! Tracy would tell me how to pose and where to go and made me feel so comfortable with the whole experience."

Q&A with Grace, Rosemount High School Senior:

Who was/is your favorite teacher?

My favorite teacher was Mr. Fritz, my ninth grade English teacher. I liked him because he made reading easy for me and taught me how to understand the book while reading it.

What is something you remember about your elementary years?

Something I will never forget about my elementary school years are track and field days. I always had so much fun running around and getting to do all the fun games.

What is your advice for underclassmen?

My advice to underclassmen would be to take as many classes as you can. It might not be something you want to do now but after you meet new people and get to experience something you might have never gotten to, it's totally worth it.

To the Class of 2024 . . .

I have started a waiting list for the Class of 2024, please contact me here if you would like your name added to that list for senior pictures during the spring, summer or fall of 2023.

I photograph high school seniors around the South Metro and Greater Twin Cities area from high schools including Rosemount, Apple Valley, Eagan, Farmington, Lakeville, Inver Grove Heights, Minneapolis, St Paul and Burnsville.


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