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Headshot Spotlight: Georgia G

Recently I was asked to help Clean Beauty Advocate Georgia Giguere update her headshots for her business with Ever Skin Care. Georgia needed new headshots to be able to use on her social media and in her marketing. As she is all about great skin care, she was cognizant of not having her images heavily retouched. Truly, her skin is just this great. Actually, she has my skin goals!

headshot by headshot photographer, could also be a personal branding session

Here's what Georgia had to say about her headshot session with me.

"As someone who promotes luxury skincare, I want my headshots to look updated and fresh, but not photoshopped. I’m not a natural in front of the camera and I love working with Tracy because she not only makes me feel comfortable, but knows how to coach me to look inviting, approachable, and my best!"

I actually do use products from Ever Skincare and love them. As a Celiac, I love them because they are gluten free, have clean ingredients and get this . . . they actually work.

Since Georgia is my personal skincare expert, I thought I would ask her for a few skin care tips that I could pass on to all of you so I did a quick 3 question interview.

Welcome, Georgia! Thank you for answering a few quick questions! As our skin matures, what do we most need to be sure to add in to our skincare routine?

Georgia's Answer: As we age, our skin needs change and most of us need more moisture and hydration. It becomes more important to use products that contain nourishing and antiaging ingredients as well as help with cellular turnover. Using a gentle exfoliator regularly along with a good retinol will help with that. So depending on a person’s goals (what they want to work on) the answer may be different because everyone’s skin is different. I love working with someone to match the products/ingredients with their skin goals.

Why should we care about using skin care products that are clean?

headshot by headshot photographer for updated headshots

Georgia's Answer: Recently the United States made a legislative change regarding regulations for manufacturing personal care products. It was the first update since 1938. Crazy right? I often compare the industry to the Wild Wild West. Our standards in the US are incredibly lax and many personal care products contain questionable ingredients. (They’re actually known to be linked to cancer and endocrine disruption in studies.) The European Union is far ahead of us and bans over 1400 ingredients. We ban 14. It’s important to use products from brands that you can trust. Once you find that, it’s gold. I realize that the research can be overwhelming. It’s my goal to help others know better so they too can make better choices.

Of course, I work with a lot of high school seniors who may deal with a lot of acne due to just being a teenager or brought on by wearing helmets and chin straps in their sports. Knowing that most likely (well at least in my experience) teens aren’t going to do a several step skin care regimen, how can they help alleviate their acne?

Minneapolis headshot photographer

Georgia's Answer: Our kids are smart! When they know better, they too will make better choices. Even adding a good cleanser (one that is formulated for their skin type and used morning and night) can be a game changer. No one likes breakouts. Everyone wants their best skin. (There are some lucky ones that don’t have to work at it, but developing good habits now will carry over later in life.) I think we all are more likely to do something when we understand why. It doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be as simple as adding that cleanser and a moisturizer that has spf of at least 30. Nothing looks better in your 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s than wearing sunscreen in your teens, 20’s and 30’s.

For the athlete, another easy add is a quick clean up product like a micellar water. It’s easy to throw in the gym bag for a quick clean up (no water needed) and will help prevent a build up of bacteria that can turn into breakouts or oily appearance.

If you are ready to update your headshot, please contact me at or at 651-252-4496 or you can simply click here. For more information about my headshot or personal branding packages, you can go here.

Georgia would be happy to help any of my Blog followers with skin care questions and how Ever Skin Care might help you. (I'm not receiving any kind of endorsement; I truly use it). You can reach out to Georgia at


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