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Ideas for Graduation Photos

Obviously graduation day is a huge milestone and everyone has their camera or camera phone out to capture graduation photos. What should you do though if you want dynamic graduation photos versus the graduate just standing there? Whether you're a senior or a proud parent, here are five different shot ideas to get your graduation cap and gown photos to stand out!

1. Get Up Close Shots

Close-up shots are all about the emotions and excitement on graduation day. Focus on those big smiles, proud moments, and even the serious, reflective looks. These close-ups can really show off your personality and capture the emotion of graduation day.

Graduation day photos for senior portraits

High school senior photo idea for cap and gown graduation photos

2. Don’t Forget Full Body Shots for Graduation Photos

Full body shots are a must-have! You can keep the gown zipped up or let it hang open for a more relaxed look (personally, I love the gown open shots more as fully zipped they aren't super flattering but yes capture those too). Try a few different poses to show off the entire outfit, from head to toe, and give your photos some variety. If you aren't sure what to do then with your hands, you can hold your cap, put a hand in your pocket or hold the edge of your graduation gown.

3. Take Different Perspectives

Mix things up by shooting from different angles. Try some shots at a lower angle and/or have the senior look somewhere else besides just at the camera to have a more dynamic feel to your photos. Different perspectives can make your senior's graduation portraits more interesting and unique.

Farmington senior portrait photographer takes senior portraits of cap and gown photos

4. Toss the Graduation Hat

The hat toss is a classic graduation moment! Capture the excitement as the hat flies through the air. This fun action shot symbolizes all the hard work and celebration of graduation day and adds a lively touch to your graduation day photos. Don't forget to have the senior throw the cap at the camera for something truly fun that shows the joy of the moment!

Farmington senior portrait photographer takes senior portraits of senior throwing graduation cap

Farmington senior portrait of senior graduation day

5. Gown Off, Holding Over Shoulder or Arm

For a more casual and laid-back look, take the gown off and drape it over your shoulder or arm. Or, ditch the gown entirely and just hold the hat. This style can show off your personal flair and give your graduation photos a fresh, relaxed feel.

senior photo idea by Rosemount based senior photographer

senior photographers gives graduation day photo idea

senior portrait photographer shows cap and gown graudation day photo idea

As a senior photographer and a senior mom myself, I know the rush and excitement of the big day might cause a creative block when it comes to do what to do to capture your senior in their cap and gown. I hope these graduation photo ideas will help. Don't forget though to put down the camera and just enjoy every bit of it too!


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