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Lauren | Eagan Senior Pictures

Let's start out a little cliche . . . I met Lauren a little over a year ago when I started working with her to plan her senior picture session and since then time has now flown by. We started early planning for her senior pictures because Lauren had applied and was chosen for my Class of 2023 Senior Crew. I feel so blessed she chose me as her senior photographer as I have LOVED getting to know this incredible senior.

Here's what Lauren had to say about working with me on her senior pictures . . .

"I loved having Tracy as my senior photographer. I never felt comfortable in front of the camera and struggled to take good pictures. It felt so natural with her. She knew exactly how to have me pose and would talk to me while taking photos so it felt like she was a friend. Tracy also helped to incorporate my love of four wheelers into my senior shoot and I was so happy to be able to have them for my graduation board. I ordered the Signature Album and she did an amazing job with all the photos and now I have it to look back on."

Like I mentioned above, Lauren was on my Class of 2023 Senior Crew so my first opportunity to photograph her was for the Senior Crew Kickoff I held in March of 2022. She was unable to make it to the official Kickoff Shoot so we meet soon after for a quick mini session.

Eagan senior photographer

Lauren's next time in front of my camera was for her own senior session. To match with what she wanted for her session, I suggested we hit two different locations. First, we went cute and quaint urban.

Then, we headed to a location where she could bring out her four wheeler. I think this was her dad's favorite part of the session. To add a special dramatic feel, I used a few of my lights for some of the shots.

Lauren joined in on my 2023 Senior Crew Winter Shoot too.

I LOVE the flowering trees in May and my scheduled 2024 senior sessions in May all wanted urban so Lauren helped me still get some images of the flowering trees.

Lauren's grand finale as a part of the Senior Crew was of course a few cap and gown graduation pictures. Amber, a fellow Eagan graduate, friend and 23 Senior Crew member joined in the fun too.

To wrap up the year with Lauren, we did a quick interview . . .

Question: What’s your advice to younger classmen?

My advice to younger classmen would be to do everything possible at school. Go to the sporting events and hangout with your friends. It’s so true when graduates say those four years fly by.

Question: What are your plans for this fall?

My plans this fall are to attend Montana State University.

Question: (Lauren finished high school after second tri and moved with her family to Europe for a few months but came back for prom and graduation) As you are now a traveler, where’s your favorite place to visit?

My favorite place to travel so far was Dublin. The day I went was overcast and it made the Marina look beautiful with the blue of the water. I’ve also learned there is so much more outside of Eagan and MN. There’s so much culture to experience and new people you get to meet that grew up different from you.

Senior Crew

The Class of 2024 has been selected and I will begin recruiting the Class of 2025 Senior Crew in December 2023. For more information on the Senior Crew, you can check out this blog post.


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