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Liv | Rosemount Senior Pictures

I was so blessed earlier this year when Alivia (Liv) joined my Senior Crew, a VIP group of juniors that I start working with their junior year on their senior picture experience (click here to find out more about my Senior Crew).

Liv is super sweet and look at those gorgeous eyes . . she's been a dream to work with this year!

One of the most common questions I get during consultations is "What happens if it's cloudy or it rains?" Liv's session is a perfect example of why clouds are okay (actually welcomed as long as they aren't too dark and stormy, unless we are doing athletic images and then I actually love stormy skies but I am getting off topic . . .). Several of the locations we wouldn't have been able to shoot in and gotten the images that we did if we would have had a bright sunny day. Like this image, it's one of my favorites of the season.

We were able to capture so many beautiful images. I mean, seriously you should see her album. I love it!

"Tracy is so easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable. I had a lot of fun on my shoot and I LOVE my pictures." - Alivia (Liv) R.

Q&A with Liv, Rosemount High School Senior:

What are you most looking forward to senior year?

I’m excited about Marching Band this year, we didn’t really have a season last year so it’s fun to be back together and competing again. I’m really excited for the band trip to Hawaii in the spring! That will be an amazing way to celebrate senior year!

Who’s been your fav classes throughout schooling and why?

My favorite classes have been my Spanish classes, I have been taking Spanish since I was a kindergartner at Diamond Path. It has been fun to continue through high school. I’ve been with my classmates for many years and we have a great time in class.

What is one of the memorable moments in your singing career?

My favorite moment was when I did a solo of “Burning” by Maddie Rogers. I sing together with people a lot in the choirs I’m in so people don’t hear me sing on my own often. Lots of people complimented me and it felt great. It surprised people too which was fun.

What have you binge watched lately?

Outer Banks

What is your advice to underclassman?

Remember that your teachers are there to support you. They are an important part of your support system so when you feel stressed talk to them.


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