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Meet Olivia | Class of 2021 Senior Crew

Seriously this girl can totally pull off a bright colored lipstick. Something I wish I could do but sadly just can't seem to make it work for me. Knowing this before the first Senior Crew photo shoot, I asked Olivia if she would bring some of her favorite lip colors to our photo session. As part of the photo shoot we had, we also highlighted some "National Days" and Olivia was "National Lipstick Day" but hold on . . . I am getting way ahead of myself.

Meet Olivia, an amazing junior that I recently started getting to know since she joined my Class of 2021 Senior Crew. When schools were canceled last week due to the pandemic, Olivia kept on with her studies because she was still in school. She attends Minnesota Virtual, an online high school that offers more flexible learning solutions, so she is already use to distance learning.

I asked Olivia why she chose to change schools during her junior year and she said, "I switched to online because of my heavy school work load and also because of problems with depression and anxiety. It has been such a great change for me!"

I totally applaud Olivia for her honestly and being open about depression and anxiety. It's a growing issue for so many teens and elementary age students and I believe the conversation should be more open about it. I could go on and on but I will get off my soapbox for now. Olivia and I are going to plan a little something to bring more awareness to this issue because it hides in plain sight. I mean look at her radiant smile and sparkling eyes.

If you have or are a going-to-be-senior who will graduate in 2021 and want to talk about your own senior picture session, you can contact me here or give me a ring at 651-252-4496.

Tracy Caffrey Photography is a high school senior portrait photographer based in Rosemount, Minnesota. Tracy loves working with high school seniors to design the perfect senior picture session to showcase their style and what makes them unique. Although based in Rosemount, Tracy photographs on location and creates photoshoots around the Twin Cities area including Edina, Minneapolis, St Paul, Eagan, Apple Valley, Lakeville, Northfield, Farmington, Hastings, and Burnsville. Learn more about Tracy, learn more about senior pictures for girls and guysor contact her about a session.


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