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Sara | Rosemount Class of 2019 Senior Pictures

I’m going to try again to breathe some life back into my blog so I can feature some of my amazing Class of 2019 seniors in their senior pictures. During season, it’s just hard to jump on here and get everything all updated. Now that it’s winter so I am not outside shooting as often, I am going to try to get a little caught up.

First up is Sara.

Wow, it’s been almost a year since I met Sara and her mom. We met for coffee to chat about Sara joining my Class of 2019 Senior Crew. I was thrilled when Sara decided to join the team. (Each year I work with a select group of juniors on not only their own senior session but they have additional photoshoot opportunities throughout their junior and senior year, plus additional VIP perks).

Sara’s first shoot was the Senior Crew spring shoot. We had picked a Boho inspired theme for this group shoot. Sara arrived looking adorable in a romper and borrowed a floral crown from my Senior Style Closet.

In addition to the Spring Class of 2019 Senior Crew shoot, Sara had her own senior session too of course.

Here are some kind words Sara’s mom wrote after her daughter’s session and Image Reveal:

“Tracy has a talent and true art that can’t be taught, it just is. I literally sat there crying with emotion at the beauty of every single photo during our Image Reveal. I looked at the photos and knew Tracy captured in images the essence of who my daughter is. Yes photographers can find a great background and lighting, but Tracy has a way about her that is one of a kind and special in capturing the person and spirit underneath.”

-Sharon S, Rosemount High School Senior Mom

I am now booking the Class of 2020! If you are interested in learning more about your senior session, please contact me.


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