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Target Dress Challenge

A few months ago Target introduced a new line of dresses that good or bad took the internet by storm. The dresses had a prairie vibe and maybe they were meant to be a part of the cottagecore aesthetic but the dresses went viral when people aiming to have a laugh and foster some laughter started creating some interesting images with them. Some of the interesting images literally made me laugh out loud. You can google #targetdresschallenge (after you finish reading this post of course) to get a collection of images that might bring a smile and in today's pandemic environment, who doesn't need a bit of laughter.

Anyway, this inspired Senior Year Magazine to host a challenge for senior photographers to use these dresses in a photo shoot too. The prairie style dress images could then be submitted to be featured. As it's the middle of winter, I decided to accept the challenge. I enlisted the help of two of my Class of 2021 Senior Crew Members to help me out. I purchased the dresses and we set a date and location to meet. Holz Farm Park in Eagan was the perfect spot to capture the prairie dress vibe.

Senior Year Magazine, who hosted this challenge, chose to feature one of Sadie's images from all of the images that were submitted as part of this challenge.

We could only submit a limited number of images so I wasn't able to submit all of the amazing images that we shot for the Target Dress Challenge but definitely wanted to share with you.

Ella and I also took a different perspective on the Target Dress Challenge. Not only were people using the Target dresses to create prairie images but there were some fashion influencers who took the challenge on to create a stylish look by adding layers and accessories. We created the fashion influencer look as well.

Taking on an out-of-the-box challenge was a perfect way for me to get out shooting in February and as always I love working with my Senior Crew on these kind of creative opportunities. Not the style of senior pictures I usually take but I love photographing something out of the ordinary.


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