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The difference between good and great senior pictures

As an experienced senior photographer, I know that one of the major concerns of seniors and their parents is "what to wear." It can be a huge stress and seem overwhelming and honestly it's for a good reason. Outfit selections make a huge difference between good photographs and great photographs. Not only that but how you accessorize those outfits can make a simple dress a scroll stopping image. This is why I have created several ways to eliminate the stress, make the process easy and create the images that both seniors and their parents love.

Not sure where to start? Your What to Wear Style Guide

After you book your session, you will be sent a What to Wear Guide in the mail as part of my Welcome Kit! (Who doesn't love to actually get something in the mail?!) This guide walks my clients through the process of putting together "camera ready" outfits and how to successfully put together several outfits to showcase the senior's personality, style and the best reflection of who they are before they start their last year of high school. Getting girls ready is different than getting the guys ready, so I have a separate guide for each.

Have some questions? Your Consultation

A few weeks before your senior pictures we will set up a time for your consultation. Ideally this can be in person (we will see what COVID precautions dictate for this summer) but if not in person it can either be over Zoom or even just over the phone. During the consultation, we will plan out your dream senior session, including what to wear.

Need a second opinion? Text Me

I offer the option for my seniors and their parents to text me when they are shopping in their closets, out at the stores or even online. I am happy to help with things like which dress to buy or what to wear with this skirt or which color would be best. Seniors simply text me pictures and I can give you my photographer's perspective on what would work best for your shoot. It's a win-win for me to help!

Hat, necklace and bracelets all borrowed from my Style Closet.

Want it but don't want to buy it? Borrow from my Style Closet

As Anna Dello Russo says "Accessories are like vitamins to fashion . . . as such, use them liberally." Accessories can make the outfit or lack of can break the outfit.

My senior girls can shop in my Style Closet to borrow things like earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces and hats. I have a few great layering pieces like leather jackets, cardigans, vests and jean jackets too. Plus, I do have some fun tops, skirts and dresses that they may borrow. I am constantly on the look out for things to add in to the Style Closet that would make great pictures so the options are always changing.

Hats are the number one thing that are borrowed from my Style Closet. Here are just a few and how we have used them on our shoots.

Choosing what to wear for senior pictures is not about dressing you up to make you look like someone you're not. That would be defeating the purpose of senior pictures but it is about helping you look and feel your best. It's one of the parts of my job that I love most.

Do you want me to help style and plan your own senior session? Contact me here or at 651-252-4496.


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