Don't take it from me, but read what others say about their experiences!

Tracy has a talent and true art that can’t be taught, it just is.  I literally sat there crying with emotion at the beauty of every single photo during our Image Reveal. I looked at the photos and knew Tracy captured in images the essence of who my daughter is.  Yes photographers can find a great background and lighting, but Tracy has a way about her that is one of a kind and special in capturing the person and spirit underneath.”

- Sharon, Sara’s mom, Rosemount High School

“My senior pictures turned out so awesome. I usually don’t like pictures of myself but I just love these. I love that they aren’t overly posed . . . they are playful and fun. Like the ones we took because I wanted some in the water. I was splashing around and really having fun. Tracy made me feel super comfortable during my senior pictures and I appreciate her attention to all of the little details during my shoot to help make sure my images looked so amazing.”

– Claire, Rosemount High School

I had a blast during my session and love the results. Plus, I now feel a lot more comfortable in front of the camera.  I love that I have  photossional photographs that will last and I will be able to look back on one day.  

- Malin, School of Environmental Studies

“Tracy was so wonderful to work with for my senior pictures! I didn’t feel like I had to “know everything” for where to get the best shots; she just seem to have a knack for knowing it. I love how she really captures moments, not just take pictures. Picking outfits for a senior session can be tricky, and I felt so at ease bringing my ideas and her insight together to make some great choices in the end. Tracy’s awesome!”

- Kaylin, Rosemount High School

“As my business evolved and grew, I felt it was important to have a selection of photos I could use for different things; my website, marketing material, LinkedIn profile, etc. My personal branding session allowed me to get a variety of pictures to fit my needs. In previous pictures I have felt self-conscious of how I looked. I shared my concerns and fears with Tracy and she was so wonderful ensuring that how I was positioned worked well so I was no longer self-conscious. Being in front of the camera is intimidating, but having pictures that reflect who you are both personally and professionally is amazing. The final results make me wish I would have done it sooner. I would recommend Tracy to anyone looking to enhance their business portfolio with branded pictures”

- Lisa H., Rosemount

“One of my big concerns is always outfits. Coordinating without being matchy, something that will be more timeless and not too trendy. Tracy was great with helping with outfit selection, via text and in person, and took the last minute panic out of the process. The session itself was so easy. From the location, to the shots, to capturing how we feel and interact. My son is not very good at natural smiles, and Tracy easily broke through his cheesy smile to get more natural looks. She relates to the kids, and gets them to feel comfortable with the camera so we ended up with some great shots that showcase their personalities.”

- Jesse, Rosemount

“I appreciated that Tracy was willing to check out and use a special location that I requested.  My sports pictures she did were definitely my favorites as she really captured the mood of the sports.  Some of my favorite high school memories are the ones from football and wrestling and now I have these to remember the fun times with teammates and friends.”

- Eric, Eastview High School

Getting my senior pictures taken by Tracy was such an amazing experience. She makes taking your senior pictures so much fun. Tracy made me feel comfortable and confident and she knows all the perfect picture spots. The quality of her pictures is top notch. I would highly recommend anyone get their senior pictures taken by Tracy!

- Nicole, Rosemount High School